Not your ordinary yard sale!

Dear Friends of Full Access:

One of our fantastic steering committee members preparing for the sale!

One of our fantastic steering committee members preparing for the sale!

If you have any interest in super great deals and supporting our fabulous agency, come by 711 NE Butler Market Road in Bend this Friday and Saturday, October 18-19.  As you can see, we have an abundance of goods to sell in our community.  This sale is organized by our Beth Rixe Service Center Steering Committee, a group of outstanding volunteers that have high energy, high goals and hearts of gold.

For more than two months now, this extraordinary group of women have been working on this fundraiser for Full Access, among other fundraisers over time.  Erin Feeney is our staff liaison to the group, so she has been side by side observing their great works.  Erin has worked with these women about two years as they have committed  their hearts and souls, time and money to our agency.

As Erin says…

“When I first heard about the Beth Rixe Service Center I was impressed with the vision and passion behind the idea.  And that is all it was at that time – an idea. I met with the group of women that came together to form the Steering Committee and I met with a force of nature!  They were inspired by the idea of a Service Center and were determined to make it a reality.  It is hard to express the level of commitment and the amount of creativity that they pour forth on the behalf of this project.  I am humbled by their dedication and touched by their friendships.  They embody the definition of altruism and have enlightened me to the art of devotion to a cause.  We are fortunate to have them, and their beautiful extended community, working on the behalf of Full Access and the Beth Rixe Service Center.  I am so fortunate to be a member of their team.”

We would love to have our community’s support and to have a moment to see the great volunteers supporting our mission.  If you are interested in a good value and a good vibe, come take a look!











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